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Online Diet and weight loss help

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Diet and weight loss help

Diets - Online Diet and weight loss help - Lose weight now. Find the best diet you you.

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Start today with a FREE diet profile from eDiets and take the first steps to weight-loss success!. eDiets Europe Limited (eDiets Europe) is a subsidiary of Inc the highly successful online subscription weight loss and fitness company based in Florida USA., Inc. is the largest subscription-based online diet, fitness and counselling cenre with over 300,000 members. Founded in 1996 and with corporate headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida, offers online subscription-based weight-loss programmes using proprietary software to generate customised diet programmes. The programmes are designed based upon individual members' personal goals, food preferences and lifestyles. In addition, publishes one of the Internet's most popular bi-weekly diet and fitness email newsletters, eDiets News, which is delivered to a community of more than 9.8 million subscribers.

Online Slimming Club
Join the online slimming club to receive your own personalised diet and meal plans designed by our health and dieting experts. Our weight loss and fitness programmes are customised for you and by you to provide the greatest motivation to lose weight.

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