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Garden Pressure Washers

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Pressure Washers

Pressure washers from Bosch, Karcher and more.

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Pressure Washers - Find cheap deals on garden and outdoor equipment.

Argos - Karcher Dirt Blaster
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Karcher Pressure washers - Karcher Extension Hose 3 metres, For use all around the house & garden, where the standard hose cannot reach, Connects a standard Karcher hose..., Karcher Vario 4 Extension Lance Adjusts to suit height of cleaning task, for example first floor windows, guttering & conservatories..., Karcher RM555 Cleaning Agent 5 litres, Enhanced cleaning for removing traffic film & grease from vehicles..., Karcher Dirt Blaster (5-7 Series) A rapidly rotating pencil jet, with increased power, performance & area coverage, For use with Karcher K5 to K7 series machines..., Karcher Sandblaster Adhesive 25kg of abrasive sand, To be used in conjunction with the Karcher Sand Blaster Kit..., Karcher RM565 Automotive Cleaner 500ml 500ml, Formulated specifically as a car cleaning agent, Removes dirt in seconds but gentle on the paintwork..., Karcher Triple Nozzle Unit contains fan jet, pencil jet and low pressure chemical jet in one..., Karcher House & Garden Cleaner Purposely formulated general cleaning detergent, For the efficient removal of dirt, moss, algae and oil..., Karcher Sandblaster kit A combination of high pressure, water & sand, Remove old paint, rust, cement from metallic & stone surfaces..., Karcher Water Pump Kit Connect to your pressure washer, To pump large amounts of water , Ideal for draining water from pond or water butt..., Karcher Extension Lance 450mm, Gain easy access to difficult to reach areas, Lance extension is the perfect aid to cleaning gutters and shed roofs..., Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit Flexible hose , 4 backward firing jets to create turbulence, Ideal for dislodging blockages ..., Karcher Universal Cleaner 1 litre, One cleaning agent for a wide range of cleaning tasks, Enhances cleaning power of the pressure washer..., Karcher Patio & Deck Wash Detergent 5 litres, Enhanced cleaning for decking & patios, Dislodges built up dirt & soiling.., Karcher B602 Plus Pressure Washer powerful & durable pressure washer with long life motor, multi purpose lance & built in garden hose, Power: 2.5Kw motor rating..., Karcher Car Wash Detergent 5 litres, Removes everyday dirt & build up of traffic film, Ideal for cleaning on cars & bikes..., Karcher K3300Gs Petrol Pressure Washer 4 stroke petrol engine for use independently of an electric supply..., Karcher Clean Tabs pk 5 Quick-dissolving soluble tablets, Simply add one to half a litre of water, Compact tablets are convenient and clean to store...., Karcher B102 Plus Pressure Washer Economical & easy to use Pressure Washer - ideal for general cleaning jobs, Power: 1.6Kw motor rating, Max Pressure: 100 bar..., Karcher Pressure Washer Accessory Kit Accessory Pack, Contains: Fixed rotary wash brush, Plus dirtblaster and box of 10 clean tabs... More info

Garden Cut
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