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New Road Angel 2 Radar and speed camera detectors - speed trap detectors, car radar detectors, speed camera detector, laser jammers

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New Road Angel 2 Speed Trap / Camera Detectors

New Road Angel 2 - speed trap detectors, car radar detectors, speed camera detector, laser jammers and more. Cheap classic radar and gps speed camera detectors.

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Road Angel GPS - For the New Road Angel 2 is dedicated to the Road Angel GPS speed trap locators - the New Road Angel and the New Road Angel 2. Road Angel, pioneers of the GPS speed camera location systems, New Road Angel 2 & New Road Angel, have created a revolutionary and sophisticated range of products to help you preserve your licence and protect your life. Road Angel delivers vital advanced warnings of speed cameras and accident black spots. New Road Angel 2 GPS Speed Camera Locator, Stand-Alone Laser Alert Unit, Add-On Laser Alert Unit for New Road Angel 2, Add-On Number Plate Laser Sensor and accessories.

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New Road Angel 2 Radar detectors - Our aim is to provide you with independent practical advice and information to help you become a safer, and more aware, driver. - New Road Angel 2
Speedsafe in one of the UK's leading online retailers of Satellite Navigation, Speed Camera Detectors, Radar & Laser Detectors. New Road Angel 2 Radar Detector - With new fully integrated GPS and Laser technology, ROAD ANGEL alerts you to: accident blackspots, safety cameras (including Gatso,TruVelo, SPECS, Watchman, Speedcurb, DS2) and mobile laser guns; with an audible, visual and voice alerts.

Speedtraps - New Road Angel 2 contains links to a wide variety of our products sold across all of our sites. Road Angel Classic with GPS and more.

edworthys - New Road Angel 2 Radar Detectors
Buy your New Road Angel 2 radar and speed trap detectors from edworthys.

Halfords - New Road Angel 2 Speeding Detectors
Buy your radar and speed camera detectors from Halfords.

The New Road Angel has integrated Laser technology and GPS, now alerting you to: all fixed speed cameras (Gatso's (most common), SPECS (usually have one set followed by another), DS2 Speedmasters, Truvelo's (forward facing) Speedcurb & Watchman) and mobile laser guns; with both visual and audible alerts. You can also store your own locations - we even know of one guy who stored the location of his street for when his wife used the car! (Admittedly they are in the country, no lights and they had only been living there for 3 months!). Also known as New Road Angel, Road Angel 2, roadangle road Angel Radar Detector and Roadangel
Benefits of the New Road Angel include: No false alerts! Simple windscreen mount and plug & go installation Easy to position in any vehicle in direct line of sight Instant distance to danger reading High visibility speed, time and compass display Full range of hazardous sites Alert instantly switches off after hazard Speech alerts Simple to adjust settings User programmable locations USB database updates Designed and manufactured in the UK New Road Angel Features:
Hazard type indicator GPS Coverage Compact size Clear LCD blue/red screen RescueLoc, location feature Clock Integrated Laser Detect Overspeed warning Anti-reflect hood Large, easy to see buttons Slow speed auto-mute Spoken warnings 50,000 location memory Complete UK coverage Continuous speed reading Countdown proximity bars Magnetic mount (windscreen) Motorcycle compatible

Radar detectors provide advanced warning of most fixed and mobile speed monitoring systems, including: Gatso safety cameras, SPECS camera systems, Truvelo cameras, Digital cameras, Accident hotspots, Schools, Laser guns

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Click here for the best prices for UK Speed Trap devices and Friendly, No Jargon & Hassle Free Advice Classic Radar and GPS Detectors

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